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Adding a life event in the Timeline

12 Jun 2015 . category: tech . Comments

One of the coolest features of { Personal } is that enables you to tell your life’s story in the form of a timeline of photos, dates and text descriptions.

The Timeline is controlled by the following variables:

  - image: "/img/timeline/spidertocat.png"
    date: "September 2013 - Today"
    description: "Saving the neighborhood!"
  - image: "/img/timeline/baracktocat.jpg"
    date: "September 2007 - August 2013"
    description: "Started coding"

# First image of the Timeline

timeline-img: "/img/timeline/default.png"

For each event of your life, add a tuple of image, date and description to the events, and the timeline will be automatically generated!

The timeline-img path variable is the image that you want to show up in the beginning of your Timeline, be creative!

Square images are recommended 😉


Marcus Johnson (mjohnsonengr) is a life-long learner who enjoys coding in JavaScript and TypeScript